Outfit: Black Bomber Jacket

I recently discovered the incomparable awkwardness of public outfitpost-shooting (after seven years of blogging, that discovery must be groundbreaking). What am I looking at? What am I thinking about? Walking around 2 feet back and forth with nothing in my head but anonymous strangers, swiftly passing by, nails it pretty much. In those five Minutes of shooting, I feel how the Berlin Tourists stop to approve my outfit, which is pretty ironic, because I post them online anyway and should not be bothered by that at all. Maybe this is the first sign of retirement from that "business". After giving an interview for someone´s bachelor thesis about authenticity and blogging, I started to overthink that whole concept. Is wearing a fluffy sweater something I want to talk about? Can I lead this Blog more in an Editorial direction? Shall I just stop complaining and start to talk about that fluffy sweater? I am pretty sure that this page will go through some changes in the upcoming two weeks. 

Chunky Knit Jumper - COS similar here and here
Bomber Jacket - Carin Wester similar here and here
Shirt - Mango similar here and here
Pointy Boots - Vagabond similar here and here
Bag - &otherstories similar here
Blue Jeans - ASOS

Food in Berlin: Qua Phe in Mitte

Long time no see - because I was busy doing basic life stuff like searching for a job or a winter escape. Also, its damn cold and I rather sit in my comfy home office (which is a sofa in the living room) than shooting outfits outside. A good Reason to leave my sofa is food, or to be more precise: hanging out with Alice at the favorite Vietnamese Hotspot in Berlin Mitte. Que Phe is infamous for its amazing vietnamese coffee, the great dishes and the nicest staff. Usually, I think everyone is amazing and everything is amazing, because my standards are pretty low. But Alice highly recommends it and she is my foody-expert when it comes to any food. A big plus is the wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, which are (in my opinion) even better than the ones involving meat. And even I, as a non-sweet-tooth, gets usually seduced by one of the black-bean filled buns for dessert. Thumbs up for this great spot in Mitte. Prices for main dishes 4-8€, desserts between 2,50 and 4€ and the usual coffee prices. 

Max-Beer-Str. 37
10119 Berlin

Outfit: Carin Wester Reva in White

Since I am welcoming the rainy weather, the bitter cold and my newly gained loneliness with a massive illness, I love to remember the probably most intense summer I´ ve ever had ( brace yourself: this is the beginning of an emotional text). Looking back to the past months, I graduated from University after three stressful years, found the best friends ever had and got my better half back in town - at least for now. Other things, such as Love were just amazingly weird, inspiring and supportive in every way. I think I can be beyond grateful for whatever good or bad happened, because at the end, we will all end up how we should. I never looked forward to winter before, but it feels okay now. I would write more, but this is a fashion blog and I will now focus on the SEO Stuff and drop the word: "Bomber jacket" multiple times, so Google will not ignore this post in the endless search lists of the magic internet. Bomber Jacket. Bomber Jacket.

Bomber Jacket - Carin Wester Reva, similar here and here
Shoes - Vagabond, similar here and here
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Bag - & otherstories, similar 

Outfit: Off Shoulders and Momjeans

Just returned from Warsaw, I did not really get some good night sleep in the cheap night bus me and my friends decided to be a good choice. Trust me, it wasn't. After a drunk polish man started a fight with the bus driver, we realized that we would probably need more than eight hours to return back to Berlin. Still, I can say that this was one of my favorite city trips so far. Not only the eastern charm, the Stalin-Buildings and the Brutalism made it special, but my two friends who made me laugh 24/7, even after being awake for more than 20 hours were the main reason of my happiness. So much about that. The last sunny days were a good opportunity to check out some locations for pictures in the sunset. The Momjeans thing did not stop yet, so I pair them with a darker top than in the last 5 outfit posts. I still own other pants, too - but who cares as long as I wear cool shoes. Thanks to KIOMI for this amazing piece!

Top - old, similar here and here
*Jacket - Esprit (old) similar here and here
Mom Jeans - Asos, similar here and here
*Boots - KIOMI 
Bag - &otherstories

Food in Berlin: Brammibals vegan donuts

This Post goes quick and dirty: there is the more or less new vegan hotspot in Berlin. Brammibal is one of those places where I go, when I am stoned or sober and its always just fine. Just kidding - it is fine, because they use amazing ingredients and have the not-so-typical not-dunkin-donut-at-all flavors. My absolute favs: caramel hazelnut or matcha. The dairy and cruelty free donuts make a day better, honestly - and the people that work there are just the sweetest. 2,50€ for one is also an absolutely reasonable price. If you ever have to chance to hang out in Kreuzberg and you´re looking for something sweet to complete your meal, give them a try. It won't be the last one.

Maybachufer 8
12047 Berlin

Outfit: Autumn with Fild Pieces

Finally we have the golden evening sun back. Since we still enjoy the nice weather and the +20 Degrees, this is just a beautiful way to start in my favorite season - transforming a huge scarf in a poncho as soon, as the sun goes down, seems like a nice side effect. I am wearing my Mom Jeans, that make the ugliest bum ever, but give me the comfiest feeling (you must have realized that during the past outfit posts, featuring the same jeans, and the next one as well - yes, I own other clothes, too.) and finally also got a Belt, holding up those denims. Funny enough that I never considered Belts as accessories or important at all, since skinny jeans were the only ones that worked for me. With my growing denim collection (I have two blue ones by now), a good leather Belt can be a live savior. And this grey suede Belt by FILD Pieces immediately jumped from zero to essential. A big plus is the local craftsmanship they invest in and the fine materials. Between all the ZARAs and H&Ms on this planet, there are still those, who care about the pieces that should last in your wardrobe. 

Vest - ZARA (old)
Jeans - ASOS on SALE here or similar here
Belt - FILD Pieces 
Shoes - Vagabond similar here and here
Scarf/Poncho - Fild Pieces
Top - Selected Femme 
Bag - & other stories